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There he was, walking down the street singing do-wah-diddy-diddy...

Kenny Goss is the man that George loves. They've been together for over six years now, and this is what he looks like behind a wine glass ;-) Cheers!


[Comment: OK, I'm not one of those Kenny-lovers, but I have to say that by appearance he's a hunk. Also, one can't dedicate a whole website to George and not once mention Kenny.

Kenny was born in September (17th)1958, and will turn 44 this year. (He looks like he's not a day over 23!) He's from Texas, and his parents (Earl and Ozzell) live in Coleman. He also has an older brother, Tim. Kenny has been a former child gymnast, flight attendant for Southwest Airlines and selling sports equipment to schools. Andros (George's cousin) claims that Kenny loves his work, and that he's high up in a sports clothing company (ADIDAS). They were introduced through a mutal friend, and he claims that he'd never even heard of George before they met. (Is that f**king possible??? Did he live in a cave or something?) He's a lucky man, but so is George. They look great together and they communicate in a way I'm REALLY impressed by. The day George was arrested all he had to say when Kenny asked what he's done, was: "Guess again" and he got it. Is that understanding or what??

Kenny without George
"Oooh, ding dong!" [Bridget Jones's Diary reference]

Kenny with Geri
"Is there a time for highstreet shopping... to find the right dress -- err -- coat to wear... Here HE comes..."

[Comment: I'm so bloody surprised that Geri has got a house nearby them in Goring now. Can she do anything by herself...? I wonder...]