Jørgen Juve

Born: 22.11.1906 in Porsgrunn
Died: 12.04.1983 in Oslo
Position: Forward/Defender
Caps: 45
Goals: 33


Jørgen Juve is Norway's all-time leading scorer with 33 international goals in 45 games. What makes this achievement even more amazing is the fact that he only played 24 of those matches as centre-forward. The rest of the time, he was a defender playing mostly as centre-half, and sometimes right full-back. That being said, his impressive goalscoring record was probably a case of fortunate timing. He rose to prominence at a time when football was still trying to adapt to the 1925 change of the offside rule, and being a former defender himself, Juve had a remarkable ability to "read" the other team's defensive line, and beat the offside trap.

Born in Porsgrunn, Juve began his career at his hometown club Urædd, before moving to the capital in 1927, where he joined Lyn. He made his international debut as a right-back against Finland in 1928. In his 4th international, he was converted into a centre-forward, and with his aforementioned ability to beat the offside trap, he responded by scoring a hat-trick. He repeated the performance in his next international, and from then on established himself as the first-choice striker. In his first eight matches up front, he scored an incredible 19 goals. However, as the 1920s became the 1930s, teams were slowly figuring out the new offside rule, and how to counteract a player like Juve. This is evidenced by the fact that in the 16 matches that followed his first eight, Juve scored "only" 14 goals. Still an impressive goalscoring record, but nowhere near the level of 1929 and 1930 when he absolutely terrorized the opposing defence.

By 1934, following the retirement of Alexander Olsen, Norway's last "old style" centre-half, it was decided that Juve would be more effective moving back into defence, where he became Norway's first "new style" centre-half, in other words a modern-day central defender. With his pace and his remarkable ability time his runs and read the opposing team's play, Juve then became a very effective defender.

The highlight of Juve's national team career was the Berlin Olympics in 1936, when he captained the side that would later became known as "The Bronze Team". Led by the offensive talents of Reidar Kvammen and Arne Brustad, who were among the best players in Europe at the time, Juve anchored the defence as Norway outclassed Turkey, and then shocked the host nation in the quarter-finals by winning 2-0 against the Reich in front of an angry Führer. Norway then lost narrowly to Italy in the semis, before defeating Poland thanks to a Brustad hat-trick in the third-place match, to secure the bronze medals.

In 1938, age was starting to catch up with Juve, but he was named in Norway's World Cup squad that summer as the oldest outfield player. However, he did not play in the 1938 World Cup, having lost his place in the side to Nils Eriksen. Juve retired from football at the end of the 1938 season, and then had a spell as coach up north with Bodø/Glimt in 1939. After the war, he coached Lyn for a couple of seasons. Outside football, Juve worked as a journalist for Dagbladet, and also wrote three books about football. He passed away in 1983, aged 76.

National Team Appearances

# Date Venue Opponent Score Goals Competition
1 03.06.1928 Helsinki Finland 6-0
2 07.06.1928 Stockholm Sweden 1-6
3 17.06.1928 Oslo Denmark 2-3
4 12.06.1929 Oslo Netherlands 4-4
5 18.06.1929 Oslo Finland 4-0
6 23.06.1929 Copenhagen Denmark 5-2
7 29.09.1929 Oslo Sweden 2-1
8 03.11.1929 Amsterdam Netherlands 4-1
9 01.06.1930 Oslo Finland 6-2
10 19.06.1930 Oslo Switzerland 3-0
11 06.07.1930 Stockholm Sweden 3-6
12 21.09.1930 Oslo Denmark 1-0
13 02.11.1930 Breslau Germany 0-2
14 25.05.1931 Copenhagen Denmark 1-3
15 21.06.1931 Oslo Germany 2-2
16 27.09.1931 Oslo Sweden 2-1
17 05.06.1932 Oslo Estonia 3-0
18 17.06.1932 Oslo Finland 2-1
19 01.07.1932 Gothenburg Sweden 4-1
20 25.09.1932 Oslo Denmark 1-2
21 28.05.1933 Bergen Wales (amateur) 1-2
22 11.06.1933 Copenhagen Denmark 2-2
23 20.06.1933 Oslo Hungary (amateur) 4-2
24 03.07.1933 Helsinki Finland 5-1
25 24.09.1933 Oslo Sweden 0-1
26 05.11.1933 Magdeburg Germany 2-2
27 10.06.1934 Oslo Austria (amateur) 4-0
28 01.07.1934 Stockholm Sweden 3-3
29 02.09.1934 Oslo Finland 4-2
30 23.09.1934 Oslo Denmark 3-1
31 31.05.1935 Oslo Hungary (amateur) 2-0
32 23.06.1935 Copenhagen Denmark 0-1
33 27.06.1935 Oslo Germany 1-1
34 08.09.1935 Helsinki Finland 5-1
35 22.09.1935 Oslo Sweden 0-2
36 26.07.1936 Stockholm Sweden 4-3
37 03.08.1936 Berlin Turkey 4-0 Olympic Games
38 07.08.1936 Berlin Germany 2-0 Olympic Games
39 10.08.1936 Berlin Italy 1-2 Olympic Games
40 13.08.1936 Berlin Poland 3-2 Olympic Games
41 06.09.1936 Oslo Finland 0-2
42 20.09.1936 Oslo Denmark 3-3
43 01.11.1936 Amsterdam Netherlands 3-3
44 14.05.1937 Oslo England 0-6
45 13.06.1937 Copenhagen Denmark 1-5

NOTE: Matches in red are not recognized as full internationals by FIFA.

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