Time before Nylon Beat
Nylon Beat - the two shining stars of music business were born in 1977 in the eastern Helsinki. Erin has lived in Ireland from 3 to 6 years old. She and Jonna met for the first time during their first years in comprehensive school. The girls used to giggle and sing in school toilets as well as in the classes. When "operation" Nylon beat was launched, there were first three girls: Jonna, Erin and Mira and the name of the group was Vicious Circle. Their songs were in English. In 1995 Jonna paid attention to a singing contest called "Kiitorata", which required the Vicious Circle to make a music video. They made it, but due to some disagreements within the three girls, Mira no longer wanted to stay in the band and she went off. After that Jonna and Erin participated in the Kiitorata-contest by themselves. They were interviewed, and they had their very own music video of Madonna´s song Hanky Panky, which they sent to tv-station MTV3. The video consisted mostly of the girls laughing, not so much singing, but they made it to the final. Vicious Circle did not win, but the girls got a recording permission.

Against all odds...
Jonna and Erin were sent to studio to meet Risto Asikainen, a producer. When he saw for the first time the girls' introduction-video, he was a bit terrified, but still found it somewhat intriguing. Jonna and Erin had made up their minds about the band's name and that they would sing in English. But Risto Asikainen made them feel differently about it, and helped the girls realize that Finnish language might be very suitable for them. One suggestion for a new name of the band was Hot Kiss, but with the help of computer was the name Nylon Beat found, and it seemed to match the girls. Once Jonna and Erin got to the studio, they already had their own "Nylon-sound". The first single "Oot Kuin Karkkia Mulle" ("you're like candy for me") got attention. Nylon Beat's first gig in December 1995 was a flop, as the artist and the audience did not connect. Afterwards Jonna and Erin started making their own-kind-of speeches in between the songs when performing, which improved their small success since. In May 1996 Nylon Beat released their first album "Nylon Beat".

Platinum record and bullet-affair in Turkey
Nylon Beat released their second album "Satasen Laina" in 1997, which briefly sold platinum (40000 records). The girls went on a vacation in Turkey for three weeks. There in a bar they got accidentally in the middle of gun shooting by a local, but they got away with it safe and sound. In autumn (1997) Swedish Torbjörn Svensson made a recording deal with Nylon Beat in Sweden. But they did not really succeed abroad then.

The Eurovision song contest and hitting Japan
Nylon Beat took part in the Eurovision song contest in Finland in February 1998, but they became third and to the real contest was sent Edea, which turned out to fail... In the spring Nylon Beat released its first English album, "Nylon Moon", with which they wished for a little popularity in other countries than Finland. The album was in stores at least in Japan and Korea. The single Like A Fool pleased Japanese for a little while, and the song video was a couple of months in the country's Countdown Groove list. In South-Korea a girl-band called S.E.S. made its cover-songs of the songs "Like A Fool" and "Eternal Love". S.E.S.' Korean version of "Like A Fool" (entitled "Dreams Come True") was a huge success in Korea. The rest of the year brought changes, as Nylon Beat got its own band. Behind the girls singing came a handful of top artists, who play their instruments not only in Nylon Beat concerts, but also in the new album they started making. In October Jonna and Erin presented their new single in Jyrki Hit Challenge -contest and they won. The video of the song "Viimeinen" ("Last In Line", directed by Pete Riski, got attention and won a few prizes, too.

Popularity at its peak...
In January 1999 was released Nylon Beat's 4th record Valehtelija ("liar"). It became shotly number one in the Finnish album chart and sold double platinum. During the spring Jonna and Erin had their own tv-program Riiviöt '99, in which they hosted school-children contests. In the summer Jonna got engaged with his boyfriend Niclas Belfrage. In the fall the fans could find a newly released Nylon Beat book that included the girls life history since, some revealing etc.

In 2000 Nylon Beat once again tried their luck in the Finnish Eurovision song contest, with new hit Viha Ja Rakkaus ("hate and love". Nylon Beat's position was fifth, and the Finlands representative became Nina Åstrom, who continued bringing Finland the usual bottom places. In the dawn of the summer the girls' new song Syytön ("not guilty") was published as a mobile ringtone a week before the single itself, which got a little publicity; Guinness World Records-book and Wall Street Journal both wrote about Finnish girlduo. The new album "Demo" sold gold already before its publishing date and later on it reached platinum. Later on that year started Nylon Beat's big concert tour all around Finland.

Driver's licences and the independence day's reception
In 2001 Jonna and Erin went to driving school and got licences. They also hit the screen, as they played small roles in a movie "Ken Tulta Pyytää". In the fall the English single "Guilty" was released. In October radio played constantly the girls' new "Anna Mulle" ("gimme") single, and next moth was once again released a new album "Extreme". It sold platinum before its publishing date. Jonna and Erin were also delighted, since the president of Finland, Tarja Halonen sent them invitations to the annual Finland's independence day's reception. The president even thanked the girls for their good music!

Last in Line
In January 2002 Jonna and Erin had small roles in a few parts of a tv-program Jurismia. Nylon Beat set their eyes on Korea once again, as the new album "Last In Line" was released there as a 2cd-version. It was also to find in some European countries in June, but with only one CD. In April "Guilty" was released on Germany, so it is yet to see whether or not the Nylon Beat will make great success abroad… In the end of the 2002 second book about the girls "Valehtelijan Päiväkirja" ("liar's diary"), written by Antti Eerola, was published with a lot of talk about the girls' drinking habits. ;)

"12 Apinaa"
In the beginning og the 2003 Erin was engaged to his boyfriend Vesa Anttila, who by the way plays guitar in Nylon Beat. Jonna and Erin started making their new album in January. In the album there will be for the first time lyrics made by Jonna and Erin themselves. Radio stadion YleX had a "Finnish song of the all time", and Nylon Beat had two position within the 200 best. Viimeinen ("last in line") was 120th and Rakastuin Mä Looseriin ("I fell in love with a looser") 174th. In the end of March the first single from the next album was released; "12 Apinaa" ("12 monkeys"). The album "12 Apinaa" was released 23th May. In its first chartweek in Finnish album chart, it was number 3. Right now it has already sold gold, soon platinum. In the end of June Jonna and Erin told that they'll have a break at least a year. In autumn they'll act in a play called "Blaa, blaa, blaa". Nylon Beat has planned releasing a DVD later this year.


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