Guide to Star Wars kits




Quick Guide to Star Wars Kits.


MPC and AMT/Ertl
( out of produktion )

The first pages of MPC 1978 catalog announced the company's new line of kits. MPC proudly announces the first introductions of a superb new kit series based on the epic film, STAR WARS; the copy read.
"Everything possible has been done to execute this series in a manner consistent with the quality of this remarkable film"

The first Star Wars model kits were made by MPC (Model Products Corporation), which was part of the General Mills Fun Group.
The company was later purchased by Ertl (1985) and its name was changed to MPC/Ertl and later acquisition to AMT/Ertl. And now
the series would become one of the largest catalogs of licensed kits in the history of plastic models.

I only take up the US kits here, many of the MPC kits were released in different countries and from company's like, Airfix, Meccano, Kenner, Denys Fisher, Revell-Takara, Clipper.

Kit NAME                                                  Catalog number

Three-Piece Gift Set                                              No.8912(AMT)
AT-AT                                                                      No.1918(MPC),no.1929(MPC),
AT-AT Structor                                                        No.1902(MPC),no.6036(AMT)
SnapFAST AT-ST                                                  No.1976(MPC 
AT-ST Structor                                                        No.1903(MPC),no.6029(AMT)
AT-ST Walker                                                         No.1976(MPC),no.8734(AMT)
AT-ST Mirr-A-Kit
SnapFast A-Wing Fighter                                    No.1973(MPC),no.8933(AMT)
Anakin`s Podracer                                                No.30122(AMT)
SnapFast B-Wing Fighter                                    No.1974(MPC)
Battle on Ice Planet Hoth Action Scene              No.1922(MPC),no.8743(AMT)
C-3PO                                                                    No.1913(MPC),no.1935(AMT)
C-3PO Structor                                                      No.1901(MPC)
Cantina Action Scene                                           No. 8205 (MPC)
Darth Vader (bust)                                                 No. 1921 (MPC)
Darth Vader Plastic figure                                    No. 1916 (MPC), no. 8154 (AMT)
Darth Vader TIE Fighter                                        No. 1915 (MPC), no. 8916 (AMT)
Darth Vader TIE Fighter Plus Pack                     No. 8432 (AMT)
Darth Vader Vinyl figure                                        No. 8784 (AMT)
Darth Vader TIE Flight Display                             No. 8275 (AMT)
Death Star                                                               No. 8193 (AMT)
Encounter with Yoda Action Scene                      No. 1923 (MPC), no. 8263 (AMT)
Emperor PalpatineVinyl figure                              No. 8258 (AMT)
Han Solo vinyl figure                                               No. 8785 (AMT)
Gungan Sub                                                            No. 30119 (AMT) 
Imperial TIE Fighters                                              No. 8438 (AMT)
Imperial Star Destroyer                                          No.1926 (MPC), no. 8915 (AMT)
Fiber-Optic Star Destroyer                                    No. 8782 (AMT)
Jabba the Hutt Trhone Room Action Scene        No.1928(MPC),no.8262(AMT)
Luke Skywalker vinyl figure                                    No.8783(AMT)
Millennium Falcon                                                   No.1925(MPC),no.1933(MPC),
Millennium Falcon  Cut-Away                                No.8789(AMT)
Die-Cast Naboo Fighter                                        No.30130(AMT)
SnapFast Naboo Fighter                                       No.30117(AMT)
R2-D2                                                                      No.1912(MPC),no.1934(AMT)
Rancor with Gamorrean Guard                             No.8171(AMT)
Rebel Base Action Scene                                     No.1924(MPC),no.8735(AMT
Shuttle Tydirium                                                      No.1920(MPC),no.8733(AMT)
Shuttle Tydirium  Mirr-A-Kit
Slave 1                                                                     No.1919(MPC),no.8768(AMT)
Snowspeeder                                                          No.1917(MPC),no.8914(AMT)
Speeder Bike                                                          No.1927(MPC),no.8928(AMT)
Speeder Bike Mirr-A-Kit
SnapFast TIE Interceptor                                       No.1972(MPC),no.8932(AMT)
TIE Interceptor Mirr-A-Kit
Trade Federation Battle Tank                               No.30123(AMT)
SnapFast Trade Federation Droid Fighters        No.30118(AMT)
Trade Federation STAP with Battle Droid           No.30124(AMT)
Animated X-Wing Fighter                                      No.8585(AMT)
X-Wing Figther                                         No.1914(MPC),no.1930(MPC),no.8918(AMT)
X-Wing Fighter Flight Display                               No.8788(AMT)
X-Wing Figther  Plus Pack                                    No.8433(AMT)
X-Wing Figther  Mirr-A-Kit
Xizor's Virago                                                          No. 8377 (AMT)
Xizor's vinyl figure                                                    No. 8256 (AMT)
SnapFast X-Wing Fighter                                       No.1971(MPC),no.8931(AMT)
SnapFast X-Wing Fighter                                       No.1975(MPC),no.8934(AMT)
Y-Wing Fighter Mirr-A-Kit

SCREAMIN Products, Inc.
( out of produktion )

The Finest Model kits in the World
Scale 1/4 big Model kits, only Figures from Star Wars.

Kit NAME                                 Catalog number

Chewbacca 1/4                                     3700
Yoda 1/4                                                 3300
Tusken Raider 1/4                                 3900
Luke Skywalker 1/4                               3010
Boba Fett 1/4                                         3800
C-3PO 1/4                                              3500
Stormtrooper 1/4                                   3600
Darth Vader 1/4                                     3200
Han Solo 1/4                                          3400


( out of produktion )

SCREAMIN / KAIYODO Scale 1/6 Figures.

Kit NAME                                 Catalog number

C-3PO                                                  3550
Stormtrooper                                       3650
Boba Fett                                             3850
Darth Vader                                         3250
Han Solo                                              3450


( out of produktion )

All POLYDATA's STAR WARS 1/6 vinyl model kits come molded in multiplex colors of vinyl and pre-painted. Sculpted with the highest detail and exact likeness, each kit is limited to only 9000 copies. Plus, all boxes have a numbered custom seal verify authenticity. Parts require littel or no trimming before assembly. Featuring original box art by top comic artists.

Kit NAME                                 Catalog number

Luke Skywalker                                     POL-STW-001
Obi-Wan Kenobi                                   POL-STW-002
Tusken Raider                                       POL-STW-003
Princess Leia                                        POL-STW-004
Lando Calrissian                                   POL-STW-006


SMT Scale Model Technologies.
( )

SMT has been providing quality resin model kits since 1998 to Science Fiction modelers everywhere. This are very big, scale kits.
I only take up here, the model kits that are in the Movies.

Kit NAME                                     Scale

AT-AT                                                      Scale 1:48
Imperial Probe Droid                             Scale 1:6
Troop Transport  (EP2)                         Scale 1:72
Tie Boarding Craft                                 Scale 1:48
A-Wing                                                    Scale 1:48
B-Wing                                                    Scale 1:48
Snowspeeder                                         Scale 1:48
Y-Wing                                                     Scale 1:48


( out of produktion )

Small kits produced in White-metal, from Japan.

Kit NAME                                                   Catalog number

AT-AT Walker vs. Snowspeeder                             SWM-1-1500
X-wing Fighter vs. TIE Fighter                                  SWM-3-1000
Millennium Falcon vs. Slave 1                                  SWM-4-1200
Star Destroyer                                                            SWM-5-1800
Snowspeeder vs. scout Walker                                SWM-2-800


( out of produktion )

Japanese kit manufactures.

Kit NAME                                 Catalog number and Scale

Stormtrooper                                         SW-1    1:8
Darth Vader                                           SW-2    1:8
Tie Fighter                                             SW-3     1:72
Tie Interceptor                                       SW-4     1:72
Y-wing Fighter                                       SW-5      1:72
X-wing Fighter                                       SW-6      1:72
Millennium Falcon                                 SW-7      1:144
Star Destroyer                                       SW-8      1:3500


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