This is how big of a fan I am, I have written every line spoken in the movie, and I hope that aren't to many mistakes. ENJOY! 


Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: Mutation: it is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow, and normally taking thousand s and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward.



Young Magneto: NIE. PROSZE, NIE. Prosze, zostawcie mine!

Young Magneto: Gdzie mine zabieracie? MAMO. PUS'C'CIE MNIE.

[Continues to scream.]

Young Magneto: MAMUSIU! TATUSIU!


Meridian Mississippi - The not too distant future.

[Rogue's Bedroom]

Rogue: Niagara Falls...


Rogue: ...Up the Canadian Rockies - And then it's only a few hundred miles to Anchorage.

David: Well, won't it be kind of cold.

Rogue: Well, that's the point, stupid. Otherwise it wouldn't be an adventure.

David: And when are you gonna do this?

Rogue: I dont know. After high school, before college.


[They kiss, Rogue sucks his life force. She screams]

[Parents come running in]

Father: Marie! David?

Rogue: I don't know what happened to him - I don't know what --- I just touched him, I didn't...I didn't mean...

Father: Call an ambulance.

Rogue: Don't touch...

Mother: Honey..

Rogue: Just get away from me!

Father: Call an Ambulance!

Rogue: Don't touch me!... Don't touch me...


Washington D.C.

Dr. Jean Grey: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now seeing the beginnings of another stage of human evolution. These mutations manifest at puberty, and are often triggered by periods of heightened emotional stress...

Senator Kelly: Thank you, Ms. Grey. It was quite educational. However; It fails to address the issue that is the focus of this hearing. Three words: Are mutants dangerous?

Jean Grey: I'm afraid that's an unfair question, Senator Kelly, after all the wrong person behind the wheel of a car can be dangerous.

Senator Kelly: Well, we do license people to drive.

Dr. Jean Grey: Yes, but not to live. Senator, It is a fact that mutants who have come forward and revealed themselves publicly have been met with fear, hostility... even violence. It is because of that ever-present hostility that I am urging the Senate to vote against Mutant Registration. To force mutants to expose themselves will only further subject them to un.....

Senator Kelly: Expose themselves? What is it the Mutant Community has to hide, I wonder, that makes them so afraid to identify themselves?

Dr. Jean Grey: I didn't say they were hiding...

Senator Kelly: Let me show you what's being hidden, Ms. Grey.

[Senator Kelly picks up a folder for the gallery to see]

Senator Robert Jefferson Kelly: I have here a list of names of identified mutants -- living right here in the United States.

Dr. Jean Grey: Senator Kelly...

Senator Robert Jefferson Kelly: Now, here's a girl in Illinois who can walk through walls. Now what's to stop her from walking into a bank vault, or into the White House, or [indicating the gallery] into their houses?

Dr. Jean Grey: Senator, please...

Senator Robert Jefferson Kelly: ...and there are even rumors, Miss Grey, of mutants so powe rful that they can enter our minds and control our thoughts, taking away our God-given free will. Now I think the American people deserve the right to decide if they want their children to be in school with mutants. To be taught by mutants!

Ladies and gentlemen, the truth is that mutants are very real, and that they are among us. We must know who they are, and above all, what they can do!


[Out in the hall.]

Professor X: Eric, what are you doing here?

Magneto: Why do you ask questions to which you already know the answers?

Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: Don't give up on them, Erik.

Magneto: What would you have me do, Charles? I've heard these arguments before.

Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: That was a long time ago. Mankind has evolved since then.

Magneto: Yes, into us.

Magneto: [pointing to his head] Are you sneaking around in here, Charles? Whatever are you looking for?

[Turns to face Professor X.]

Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: I'm looking for hope.

Magneto: I will bring you hope, old friend, and I ask only one thing in return -- don't get in my way.

[While walking away.]

Magneto: We are the future, Charles, not them. They no longer matter.


Northern Alberta, Canada.

Truck Driver: This is it.

Rogue: Where are we? I thought you said you were gonna take me as far as Laughlin City.

Truck Driver: This is Laughlin City.

[Rogue enters the bar where there's a fight in progress.]

Emcee: Gentlemen, in all my years... I've never seen anything like that... Are you gonna let this man walk away with your money?

Stu: I'll fight him!

Emcee: Ladies and gentlemen our savior.

[In the ring, before the fight with Wolverine]

Emcee: Whatever you do, don't hit him in the balls.

Stu: You said "anything goes"!

Emcee: "Anything goes", but he'll take it personal.

[They fight, Wolverine wins]

Emcee: Ladies and gentlemen tonight's winner and still king of the cage, the Wolverine.

[Later that evening; Rogue is sitting by the bar looking at a jug of money. (Tipping is NOT a city in china.)]

Bartender: You want something new, honey? Or are you sticking with water?

[Moves the jug of money away from her. Wolverine sits down at the end of the bar]

Wolverine: I'll have a beer.

Man on TV: Ellis Island: Once the arrival point for thousands of American immigrants is opening it's doors again. Preparations are nearly completed for the upcoming United Nations world summit. With nearly every invitation confirmed, the event promises to be the largest single gathering of world leaders in history. The leaders of over 200 nations will discuss issues ranging from the worlds economic climate and weapons treaties to the mutant phenomenon and it's impact on our world stage. Many American legislators have contended that the debate over mutant issues should be primary focus, of what is, on the surface, a strictly diplomatic affair....

[Stu comes up behind Wolverine and pats him on the back]

Stu: You owe me some money.

Friend: Come on Stu. Let's not do this.

Stu: No man takes a beating like that without a mark to show for it.

Friend: Come on buddy. This isn't gonna be worth it

Stu: [whispers] I know what you are.

Wolverine: You lost your money. Keep this up, you'll lose something else.

Friend: Come on, buddy.

[Stu turns to walk away, but suddenly he draws a knife.]

Rogue: Look out!

[Wolverine goes to defend himself, 3 razor-sharp blades come out of his hands.]

[Wolverine is held at gunpoint]

Bartender: Get out of my bar freak

[Wolverine slashes the gun, looks at Rogue. Retracts the blades and leaves. Rogue follows him and hides in the back of his mobile-home. Eventually he finds her.]

Wolverine: What the hell are you doing?

Rogue: I'm sorry. I needed a ride. Thought you might help me.

Wolverine: Get out.

Rogue: Where am I supposed to go?

Wolverine: I don't know.

Rogue: You don't know, or you don't care?

Wolverine: Pick one.

[He turns and is getting into the car.]

Rogue: I saved you life.

Wolverine: No, you didn't.

[He drives off, but stops to let Rogue onboard.]

Rogue: You don't have anything to eat, do you?

[He finds some jerky in the glove-compartment and hands it to her.]

Rogue: I'm Rogue

[Silence, she spots the dog-tags around Wolverine's neck]

Rogue: Were you in the army? Doesn't...Doesn't that mean you were in the army?

[He takes the dog-tags and puts them underneath his sweater. Rogue turns and looks inside the mobile home.]

Rogue: Wow.

Wolverine: What?

Rogue: Suddenly my life doesn't look that bad.

Wolverine: Hey. If you'd prefer the road..

Rogue: No, no. It looks great.... Looks cozy.

[She continues eating. Wolverine notices that her hands are cold, turns on the heater.]

Wolverine: Put your hands on the heater.

[He reaches for her hands, she quickly pulls away.]

Wolverine: I'm not gonna hurt you, kid.

Rogue: It's nothing personal. It's just that... when people touch my skin, something happens.

Wolverine: What?

Rogue: I don't know. They just get hurt.

Wolverine: Fair enough.

[She looks at his hand on the steering-wheel.]

Rogue: When they come out... does it hurt?

Wolverine: Every time. So what kind of a name is "Rogue"?

Rogue: I don't know. What kind of a name is "Wolverine"?

Wolverine: Name's Logan.

Rogue: Marie.


On the road

Rogue: You know, you should wear your seat belt.

Wolverine: Look, kid. I don't need advice on auto safety from......

[A tree falls down in front of the car and they collide, Wolverine flies out trough the windshield. After a little while he gets up and walks toward the car]

Wolverine: You alright?

[Rogue is stunned by the sight of his wound healing.]

Wolverine: Kid, are you alright?

Rogue: I'm stuck!

[Stops, sniffs, Sabretooth attacks, he takes Wolverine's dog-tags, Storm & Cyclops to the rescue.]


Magneto's Lair.

[Toad is spraying, Sabretooth enters.]

Toad: Weren't you supposed to bring someone back with you?

Sabretooth: [Growls]

[Magneto's office.]

Magneto: What happened?

Sabretooth: They knew.

Magneto: Charles.

[Magneto spots Wolverine's dog-tags around Sabretooth's neck and uses his power to them.]

Magneto: Hmm.... [Shows number on dog-tag's then Magneto's arm.] Where is the mutant now?

Sabretooth: With them.

Magneto: I have made the first move. That is all they know. [He throws the dog-tags on table.] Come. The U.N. summit is approaching. Time for our little test.

[Sabretooth turns to follow him, but goes back to fetch Wolverine's dog-tags.]


Xavier's school for gifted youngsters.

[Wolverine is lying on examination table, Jean Grey is getting ready. She uses her power to fetch capsule and sticks a needle in to his arm. Wolverine wakes up and attacks, holding her in choke-mode, he lets her go and runs out of the room.]


Xavier's voice: Where is he going?

[Wolverine turns, spots compartment with clothes, he grabs a sweater and continues.]

Xavier's voice: Where are you going?

[Wolverine runs, he's freaked, suddenly a door opens.]

Xavier's voice: Over here.

[Wolverine enters and doors close before he can get out again]

[Doors open in other level and Wolverine gets out.]

Xavier's voice: Where are you going?.........This way...He's over there.

[Wolverine freaks and hides. Then he continues but hear children coming...]

Boy#1: Let's go.

Boy#2: What's your hurry?

[He runs and hides behind a pole. A bunch of children pass by. [Door opens] Wolverine runs towards a door and enters. When he turns around he realizes that he's not alone, some children and an older man are looking at him.]

Xavier: Good morning, Logan. [Turns to children.] I'd like your definition on weak and strong anthropic principles, on my desk on Wednesday, alright? That'll be all.

[The kids leave, one girl forgets her bag, but turns around to get it.]

Kitty: Bye, Professor.

Xavier: Bye, Kitty.

[She runs to catch the other kids, in the process she runs trough the door. Wolverine's stunned.]

Xavier: Physics. I'm Charles Xavier. Would you like some breakfast?

Wolverine: Where am I?

Xavier: Westchester, New York. You were attacked. My people brought you here for medical attention.

Wolverine: I don't need medical attention.

Xavier: Yes, of course.

Wolverine: Where's the girl?

Xavier: Rogue? She's here. She's fine.

Wolverine: Really?

[Wolverine turns towards door, it opens, he pulls back.]

Xavier: Ah, Logan. I'd like you to meet Orono Monroe, also called Storm. This is Scott Summers,...

Storm: Hello.

[Cyclops holds out hand, Wolverine just looks at him.]

Xavier: ...also called Cyclops. They saved your life. I believe you've already met Dr. Jean Grey. You're in my School for the Gifted. For Mutants. You'll be safe here from Magneto.

Wolverine: What's a Magneto?

Xavier: A very powerful mutant, who believes that a war is brewing between mutants and the rest of humanity. I've been following his activities for some time. The man who attacked you is an associate of his called Sabretooth.

Wolverine: Sabretooth? [looks at Storm] Storm. [looks at Xavier] What do they call you? "Wheels"? This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

[Wolverine turns to leave, looks at Cyclops.]

Wolverine : And Cyclops, right?

[He grabs Cyclops.]

Wolverine: You wanna get out of my way?

[Cyclops sizes him up, then looks at Xavier.]

Xavier: Logan, it's been almost 15 years, hasn't it? Living from day to day, moving from place to place, with no memory of who or what you are.

Wolverine: Shut up!

[Wolverine looks around the room, a little freaked, then turns to Xavier.]

Xavier: Give me a chance. I may be able to help you find some answers.

Wolverine: How do you know?

Xavier's voice: You're not the only one with gifts. Where are you going? Where is he going? What are you doing? Over here!

[Wolverine looks around the room, before realizing that it's Xavier.]

Wolverine: What is this place?



Xavier: Anonymity is a mutant's first chance against the worlds hostility.

[Kids playing. Boy: Hey, no powers!]

Xavier: To the public, we're merely a school for gifted youngsters. Cyclops, Storm and Jean were some of my first students. I protected them, taught them to cont rol their powers and in time, teach others to do the same.

The students are mostly runaways. Frightened, alone. Some with gifts so extreme that they've become a danger to themselves and those around them. Like your friend, Rogue. Incapable of physical huma n contact, probably for the rest of her life, and yet here she is with others her own age...

[Inside classroom, St. John makes a fireball for Rogue behind him to see]

Xavier: ...learning, being accepted, not feared.

[Bobby, who sits next to Rogue freezes the fireball, and St. John drops it.]

Storm: John.

St. John: Sorry.

Bobby: I'm Bobby. What's your name?

Rogue: Rogue.

[Outside door.]

Wolverine: What will happen to her?

Xavier: Well, that's up to her. Rejoin the world as an educated young woman, or stay on to teach others, to become what the children affectionately called X-Men.

[Inside class-room, Bobby makes a rose of ice for Rogue.]

Bobby: Welcome to Mutant High.

[Shots from the school, lower levels.]

Xavier: But the school is merely our public face. The lower levels, however, are an entirely different matter. When I was a boy, I discovered I had the power to control peoples minds, make them think or do whatever I wanted. When I was 17, I met a young boy man named Eric Lensherr. He, too, had an unusual powe r. He could create magnetic fields and control metal. Believing that humanity would never accept us. He grew angry and vengeful. He became Magneto. There are mutants out there with incredible powers, Logan, and many who do not share my respect for mankind. If no one equipped to oppose them, humanity's days could be over. I'll make a deal with you, Logan. Give me 48 hours to find out what Magneto wants with you, and I give you my word that I will use all my power to help you piece together what you've lost, and what you're looking for.



[A limousine arrives, Crowd is cheering.]

[Senator Kelly arrives.]

Man: Thank you, Senator.

[Kelly exits the car, and waves to the crowd, then turns and gets onboard the helicopter.]

[On cell phone]

Senator Kelly: Senator, you favor gun registration, yes? Well, some of these so-called children posses more then ten times the destructive force of any handgun.........No, I don't see a difference. All I see are weapons in our schools.........Well, that's fair enough. All right.

Henry G: So?

[Senator Kelly tosses the phone to Henry.]

Senator Kelly: It's gonna be close. A vote this loaded is always close.

Henry G: What about the U.N. summit? The whole world will be watching. Maybe there's some way you could use that to your advantage.

Senator Kelly: We're Americans, Henry. Let the rest of the damn world deal with mutants in their own way. You know this situation? These mutants? People like this Jean Grey? If it were up to me, I'd lock 'em all away. It's a war. It's the reason people like me exist.

[He turns and looks out the window, all he can see is water.]

Senator Kelly: Where the hell are we?

[Suddenly Henry starts to change shape, he turns into a blue woman, Mystique. Kelly shocked]

Senator Kelly: Pilot!

[Mystique attacks.]

Mystique: You know, people like you are the reason I was afraid to go to school as a child.

[Mystique kicks Senator Kelly until he passes out, the goes to the front of the helicopter and sits down beside Toad.]


Xavier's School - Examination Room.

[Wolverine is lying on the table to the x-ray machine.]

Wolverine: I'm sorry.

Dr. Jane Grey: For what?

Wolverine: If I hurt you.

[He points to her neck. She smiles, forgivingly and continues.]

Wolverine: So, couldn't wait to get my shirt of again, huh?

[She looks at him, he smiles, that she pushes the button which puts him into the x-ray machine.]


Xavier's School - Xavier's Office.

Dr. Jean Grey: The metal is an alloy called adamantium. Supposedly indestructible. It's been surgically grafted to his entire skeleton.

Storm: How could he have survived a procedure like that?

Dr. Jean Grey: His mutation. He has uncharted regenerative capability which enables him to heal rapidly. This also makes his age impossible to determine. He could very well be older that you, Professor.

Cyclops: Who did this to him?

Dr. Jean Grey: He doesn't know. Nor does he remember anything about his life before it happened.

Xavier: Experimentation on mutants. It's not unheard of. But I've never seen anything like this before.

Cyclops: What do you think Magneto wants with him.

Xavier: I'm not entirely sure it's him Magneto wants.


Magneto's Lair.

[Senator Kelly is trapped in a chair. Mystique is standing in front of him, Toad is sitting on the side, and Sabretooth behind him. (Bird cooing.) Toad spots the bird, and uses his tongue to catch it and eats]

Senator Kelly: Yech!

[Magneto comes up behind him.]

Magneto: Toad has a wicked tongue, Senator. Just like you.

[He comes up to face Kelly.]

Senator Kelly: Who are you people? Where's Henry?

Magneto: Mr. Guyrich has been dead for quite some time, Senator. But I've had Mystique here keep you company. She takes so many shapes.

Senator Kelly: Whatever you do to me, you'll make me right. Every word I've spoken will be confirmed.

Magneto: Are you a God-fearing man, Senator? That's such a strange phrase. I've always thought of God as a teacher; as a bringer of light, wisdom and understanding. You see, I think what you really are afraid of, is me. Me and my kind. The Brotherhood of Mutants...

[Magneto turns and walks, using his power to pull Senator Kelly's chair behind him.]

Magneto: ...Though it's not so surprising really. Mankind has always feared what it doesn't understand. Well, don't fear God, Senator, and certainly don't fear me. (Quietly;) Not any more.

Senator Kelly: What do you intend to do to me?

[Preparing Senator Kelly for the mutation machine.]

Magneto: Let's just say God works too slowly.

[Magneto starts the machine, blue light hit Senator Kelly and continues beyond. Magneto's weakened, machine stops.]


Xavier's school - Wolverine's bedroom.

Dr. Jean Grey: I think you'll be comfortable here.

Wolverine: Where's your room?

Dr. Jean Grey: With Scott, down the hall.

[Wolverine opens closet doors.]

Wolverine : Is that your gift? Putting up with that guy?

Dr. Jean Grey : Actually, I'm telekinetic. I can move things with my mind.

Wolverine : Really? What kind of things?

[Shuts closet doors behind him with her mind]

Dr. Jean Grey: All kinds of things. I also have some telepathic ability.

Wolverine: What, like your Professor?

Dr. Jean Grey: Nowhere near that powerful. But he's teaching me to develop it.

Wolverine : I'm sure he is. So read my mind.

Dr. Jean Grey : I'd rather not.

Wolverine : C'mon. You afraid you might like it?

Dr. Jean Grey : I doubt it.

[He looks at her until she finally puts her hands up to his head. Images from the preparations to Wolverine's operation flash by. Jean freaks and stops.]

Wolverine: What do you see?

[She turns and sees Cyclops in the doorway.]

Dr. Jean Grey: Scott. Good night, Logan.

[She leaves the room, but Cyclops remains in the doorway.]

Wolverine: You gonna to tell me to stay away from your girl?

Cyclops: If I had to do that, she wouldn't be my girl.

Wolverine: Hmm, well, then I guess you've got nothing to worry about, do you, Cyclops?

Cyclops: Yeah, it must burn you up that a boy like me saved your life, huh? Gotta be careful. Might not be there next time. [Starts to leave.] Oh, and Logan -- stay away from my girl.

[Closes door.]


Xavier's school - Rogue's bedroom, night.

[Rogue is lying in bed, but can't sleep, she hears Wolverine talking in his sleep.]


Xavier's school - Wolverine's bedroom.

[Door opens. Wolverine is having a bad dream.]

Rogue: Logan.

[Dream: Man with needle, water.]

[Rogue tries to wake him, but can't touch.]

Rogue: Logan. Logan, wake up.

[Dream: images from Wolverine's operation flashing by, man with needle.]

[Wolverine wakes up, gasps, notices person hovering over him and attacks. He wakes up for real. He's stabbed Rogue trough the chest, she gasps for air. Wolverine retracts his claws, Rogue gasps for air.]

Wolverine: Help me... Somebody HELP!

[Rogue stumbles, Wolverine is panicked. Rogue touches him and drains powers from him, it makes her heal. People show up in the doorway, Cyclops and Dr. jean Grey too. Rogue's wounds h eal, Storm also comes running in. Rogue pulls her hand back, wolverine falls down, shaking.]

Dr. Jean Grey: Scott, grab a pillow.

[He does. Rogue turns to Storm, she just looks at her.]

Rogue: It was an accident.

[Storm looks at her, Rogue runs out of the room.]

[Later that Nigh.]

Xavier: Logan?

Wolverine: What happened? Is she all right?

Xavier: She'll be all right.

Wolverine: What did she do to me?

Xavier: Whenever Rogue touches someone, she takes their energy, their life force. In the case of mutants, she absorbs their gifts for a short while. In you case, your ability to heal.

Wolverine: Oh... I feel like she almost killed me.

Xavier: If she'd held out any longer, she could have.


Magneto's Lair - Senator Kelly's prison.

[Senator Kelly is looking out the prison bars, afraid, frustrated [Doors open] He rests his head on the bars, suddenly he starts squishing through them, he pulls back, amazed. He hears the door again, pushes his head trough the bars]

[Outside: Magneto and Sabretooth is coming. Magneto uses his powers to open the bars and walks into senator Kelly's cell.]

Magneto: How are we feeling, Senator? Advanced, I hope.

[Sees that Senator Kelly isn't there.]

Magneto: Hmm.

[Notices the shoes on the floor, looks at the bars, and uses his power to pull the out off the wall. Outside senator Kelly is clutching to the wall, Magneto sticks his head out of the hole.]

Senator Kelly: What the hell have you done to me?

Magneto: Senator, this is pointless. Where would you go? Who would take you in now that you're one of us.

[Senator Kelly is shocked. Magneto goes back in, Sabretooth tries to pull Senator Kelly back up, but his arm stretches and Sabretooth looses his grip, and Senator Kelly falls down into the sea Sabretooth comes back in holding Senator Kelly's jack et. Magneto is angry and shuts Sabretooth in the cell.]

Sabretooth: [Growls]


A Beach.

[Senator Kelly's jelly mass comes to the surface of the water.]

[A little boy is using a stick to pester a jellyfish.]

Little girl: Tommy, let it go! Tommy, please let it go! I'm telling mommy.

[Boy continues, but stops at sight of Senator Kelly coming out of the sea and walking up the beach. People staring]

Little boy: Is that a mutant?

Woman on TV: ...of this weeks U.N. summit. With the leaders of over 200 nations attending, the Secret Service has transformed Ellis Island into a veritable Fort Knox for tomorrow night's opening gala. Ellis Island rests less than one mile from the shores of Manhattan...

[Senator Kelly takes some clothes.]


Xavier's school - Outside.

[Rogue is sitting on a bench.]

"Bobby": Rogue.

Rogue: Bobby.

"Bobby": Rogue, what did you do? They say that you're stealing other mutants powers.

Rogue: No, no. I...I...I borrowed his powers.

"Bobby": You never use your power against another mutant.

Rogue: I had no choice... No, have to understand me...

"Bobby": If I were you, I'd get myself out of here.

Rogue: What do you mean?

"Bobby": Listen, the students are freaked. Professor Xavier's furious. I don't know what he'll do with you.

[Rogue lets this sink in.]

"Bobby": I think it'll be easier on your own.

[Rogue tries to hold back the tears.]

"Bobby": You should go.

[Rogue looks at him, gets up and leaves. She turns back, looks, then runs. "Bobby's" eyes turn yellow, it's Mystique.]


Xavier's school - Xavier's office.

[Cyclops and Xavier are studying Wolverine's x-rays.]

Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: What are you looking for, Eric?... It's strange, There are more powerful mutants out there. Why should this one be so important to him?

Cyclops: Maybe it's his way with people.

Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: You don't like him?

Cyclops: How could you tell?

Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: Well, I am psychic, you know.

[Wolverine and Storm enter the room.]

Wolverine: Where is she?

Cyclops: Who?

Xavier: Rogue. She's gone.


Xavier's school - Lover levels - Cerebro.

[Xavier uses retness scan to open the door.]

Woman's voice: Welcome professor.

[Doors open and Xavier enters]

Xavier: Welcome to Cerebro.

[Wolverine follows him.]

Wolverine: This certainly is a big, round room.

Xavier: The brainwaves of mutants are different from average human beings. This amplifies my power, allowing me to locate mutants across great distances. That's how I intend to find Rogue.

Wolverine: Why don't you just use it to find Magneto?

Xavier: I've been trying. But he seems to have found some way to shield himself from it.

Wolverine: How would he know to do that?

Xavier: Because he helped me build it. Now, if you'll excuse me.

[Xavier puts on the helmet and Wolverine leaves the room.]

Wolverine: Have you ever....

Dr. Jean Grey: Used Cerebro? No. It takes a degree of control, and, uh, for someone like me, it's.

Cyclops: Dangerous.

[Inside: Xavier uses the machine to locate Rogue, he sees her in a train station]

Voice: boarding on track four... [He finishes and comes out to the others.]

Xavier: She's at the train station.

Wolverine: Where is it?

Xavier: A few miles west of here.

[Wolverine turns to leave.]

Xavier: Logan, you can't leave the mansion. It's just the opportunity Magneto needs.

Wolverine: Listen, I'm the reason she took off.

Xavier: We had a deal.

Storm: She's all right. She's just upset.

Xavier: Storm, Cyclops, find her. See if you can talk to her.


Xavier's school - Garage.

[Storm and Cyclops enter the garage. Cyclops stop, Storm turns to him.]

Storm: What?

Cyclops: Where's my motorcycle?

[Wolverine is on the road with Cyclops's motorcycle. He spots a button, tempted to push, finally does. Speed increases! First he's a little stunned, then enjoying it.]


Train station - Train.

[Rouge sits alone watching people pass by. She sees a mother with her son, touching. Rouge is sad. Wolverine comes up behind her.]

Wolverine: Hey, kid.

[Rouge turns to him, he sits down beside her.]

Wolverine: I'm sorry about last night.

Rogue: Me too.

Wolverine: You running again?

Rogue: I heard the professor was mad at me.

Wolverine: Well, who told you that?

Rogue: A boy at school.


Xavier's school - Hallway.

[Three boys are walking, one of them is Bobby.]

Boy#1: When's the last time you saw her?

Bobby: She was supposed to meet me for lunch.

[The pass by a door, it opens and out comes Mystique disguised as Bobby.]


Train Station

Storm: You look around. I'll check with the ticket agent.

[Cyclops looks around]


Xavier's School - Lower Levels - Cerebro.

[Bobby transforms into Xavier, then has the retness scan.]

Woman's Voice: Welcome Professor.

[Bobby turns into Mystique, she enters and opens a compartment on the machine, and sabotages it.]


Train Station - Train.

Rogue: You think I should go back.

Wolverine: No, I think you should follow your instincts.

Rogue: The first boy I ever kissed ended up in a coma for three weeks. I can still feel him inside my head. And it's the same with you.

[Rogue starts to cry.]

Wolverine: There's not many people that'll understand what you're going through. But I think this guy, Xavier, is one of them. He seems to genuinely want to help you. And that's a rare thing, for people like us.

[Rogue looks up at him. The train rumbles and starts driving.]

Wolverine: Ok.....So, what do you say? Give these geeks one more shot? Come on. I'll take care of you.

Rogue: You promise?

Wolverine: Yeah. Yeah, I promise.


Train Station.

[Cyclops is studying the destinations board, smiling boys.]

Mother: Come along now. I told you not to...

[Cyclops turns back to the board. Storm by ticket agent.]

Storm: She's about 17. Uh, my height. Has brown hair, and she...

[Behind he Sabretooth is pushing people out of the way. Storm turns around, he grabs her by the throat]

Sabretooth: [Growls.] Scream for me.

[Storm is gasping for air. Cyclops notices what's going on. Toad climbs up the wall behind him and uses his tongue to get Cyclops's vizor before he can get to Storm, resulting in Cyclops making a big hole in the train station roof. Storm uses her power and sends a bolt of lightning into Sabretooth, he flies back through the wall. Toad bounces after him.]

Toad: Quit playing around.

Sabretooth: [Growls]

[Toad jumps again...]


Train Station - Train.

[Rumbling, train suddenly stops, Rogue and Wolverine get thrown from their seats. [Woman screaming.] [Electricity zapping.] Wolverine gets out of his seat looks to the back of the train, the train starts shaking. The it splits in two, people screaming. Magneto appears, flying, lands in aisle. Wolverine shots out his claws.]

Magneto: You must be Wolverine.

[He uses his power to stop Wolverine.]

Magneto: That remarkable metal doesn't run through your entire body, does it?

[Magneto uses his power to lift Wolverine's arms, and then Wolverine himself. Pulling at the metal, Wolverine is in pain.]

Rogue: Stop! Stop it!

Wolverine: What the hell do you want with me?

Magneto: You? My dear boy, whoever said I wanted you?

[Wolverine understands, he turns to look at Rogue (She's crying, then back to Magneto. Magneto uses his power to send Wolverine flying to the back through the train. Rogue gets out of her seat and runs after Wolverine. But Magneto uses a metal needle and shoots it into Rogue, she passes out.]

Magneto: Young people.


Train Station.

[Magneto, Toad and Sabretooth walk through the now abandoned train station. Toad has Rogue in a body bag over his shoulder. [Sirens whaling] They come out the door and see that the police is there.]

Police Man#1: All right, hold it. Hold it right there. Stay where you are. Put your hands over your heads now.

[Magneto elevates two police cars, then lets them go. They fall down, crushing two other police cars. The police load their guns, but Magneto pull them out of their hands and points them toward the police.]

Magneto: You Homo sapiens and your guns.

[Sabretooth grabs Magneto's neck.]

Sabretooth: That's enough, Eric.

Toad: Let them go.

Magneto: Why not come out where I can see you, Charles?

[Xavier and Dr. Jean Grey are sitting in a police car close by.]

Xavier: What do you...

Sabretooth: ...want her for?

Magneto: Can't you read my mind? [Points to his head.] What now? Save the girl? You'll have to kill me, Charles. And what will that accomplish? Let them pass that law. They'll have you in chains with a number burned in to your forehead.

Sabretooth: It won't be...

Xavier: ...that way.

Magneto: Then kill me and find out. Huh? Then release me.

[Toad starts to walk away, still with Rogue over his shoulder.]

Magneto: Fine.

[Magneto uses his power to fire a gun, but stops the bullet at the man's forehead.]

Magneto: Care to press your luck, Charles? [Guns loading.] I don't think I can stop them all.

Police Man#1: [Screams in pain.]

[Xavier stops using his power, Sabretooth let's go of Magneto, and Toad returns.]

Magneto: Still unwilling to make sacrifices. That's what makes you weak.

[Mystique arrives in a helicopter.]

Magneto: Good bye, Charles.

[Magneto, Toad & Sabretooth board the helicopter and fly away. All the guns fall to the ground.]


Xavier's School - Wolverine's Room.

Wolverine: You said he wanted me.

Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: I made a terrible mistake. His helmet was somehow designed to block my telepathy. I couldn't see what he was after until it was to late.

Storm: Where are you going?

Wolverine: I'm gonna find her.

Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: How?

Wolverine: The traditional way. Look.

[Wolverine leaves, Storm follows him.]

Storm: Logan, you can't do this alone.

Wolverine: Who's gonna help me? You? So far you've all done a bang-up job.

Storm: Then help us. Fight with us.

Wolverine: Fight with you? What, join the team? Be an X-Man? Who the hell do you think you are? You're a mutant. The whole world out there is full of people who hate and fear you. And you're wasting your time trying to protect 'em? I've got better things to do.

[He starts to way away, but then turns.]

Wolverine: You know, Magneto's right. There's a war coming. You sure you're on the right side?

Storm: At least I've chosen a side.

[Wolverine turns and opens the door to leave, but there's Senator Kelly.]

Senator Kelly: I'm looking for Dr. Jean Grey.

[He passes out.]


Xavier's School - Lower Levels - Examination Room.

[Dr. Jean Grey and Xavier enter. Wolverine and Storm are there already. Xavier driver up to table where Senator Kelly is lying.]

Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: Senator Kelly. I'm professor Charles Xavier.

Senator Kelly: I was afraid if I went to a hospital, they would...

Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: Treat you like a mutant? We're not what you think. Not all of us.

Senator Kelly: Tell it to the ones who did this to me.

Xavier: Senator [He pulls up by senator Kelly's head.] I want you to try and relax.

[Xavier puts his hands to Senator Kelly's head.]

Xavier: I'm not going to hurt you.

[Images from the beach and Magneto's lair flash by. Magneto in the mutation machine, he's weak and in pain.

Magneto: Welcome to the future, brother.

Mystique helps him to walk.]


Xavier's school - Xavier's Office.

Xavier: The machine emits radiation that triggers mutation in ordinary human beings.

Dr. Jean Grey: But the mutation is unnatural. Kelly's body is rejecting it. His cells began to break down almost immediately.

Cyclops: What effect does the radiation have on mutants?

Xavier: There appears to be none. But I fear it will seriously harm any normal person exposed to it.

Wolverine: So what does Magneto want with Rogue?

Xavier: I don't know.

[Wolverine's frustrated.]

Cyclops: Wait a second. You said this machine draws it's power from Magneto, and that it weakened him.

Xavier: Yes. In fact it nearly killed him.

Wolverine: He's gonna transfer his power to Rogue, and use her to power the machine.


Xavier's School - Lower Levels - Examination Room.

Senator Kelly: is somebody there?

Storm: Yes, I'm here.

Senator Kelly: Please, don't leave me.

[Senator Kelly grabs Storm's hand]

Senator Kelly : Don't want to be alone.

Storm: All right.

[Storm notices water running from Senator Kelly.]

Senator Kelly: Do you hate normal people.

Storm: Sometimes.

Senator Kelly: Why?

Storm: I suppose... I'm afraid of them.

Senator Kelly: Well, I think you've got one less person to... to be afraid of.

[Senator Kelly starts gasping, bloating and he turns into water and disappears. Storm runs out of the room.]


Xavier's School - Xavier's Office.

Xavier: Cyclops, you and Storm ready the jet. I'm gonna find Rogue. Jean, get Logan a uniform.

Cyclops. Whoa, wait a minute. He's not coming with us, is he?

Xavier: Yes.

Cyclops: I'm sorry, Professor, but he'll endanger the mission. And if...

Wolverine: Hey, I wasn't the one who gave the train station a new roof, pal.

Cyclops: No, you were the one who stabbed Rogue through the chest.

Dr. Jean Grey: Scott...

Wolverine: Hey, why don't you take your little mission and stick it up your...

[Storm comes running in.]

Storm: Senator Kelly is dead.

Xavier: I'm going to find her.

[Wolverine and Cyclops glare at each other.]

Xavier: Settle this.


Xavier School - Lower Levels - Cerebro.

[Xavier puts on the helmet and starts the machine, but it doesn't work. He falls out of his chair, passed out.]


Xavier School - Lower Levels - Examination Room.

[Xavier is lying on the table.]

Wolverine: I'm sorry.

[He leaves.]


Xavier School - Lower Levels - Cerebro - Later.

[Dr. Jean Grey is doing her best to fix Cerebro, finally she figures out what the problem is and fixes it. ]


Xavier School - Lower Levels - Examination Room

[Cyclops is sitting by Professor Xavier's side.]

Cyclops: You can still hear me, can't you?


Xavier School - Lower Levels - Cerebro.

[Dr. Jean Grey is still in Cerebro, ready to leave, but she stops and turns.]


Xavier School - Lower Levels - Examination Room.

Cyclops: You've taught me everything in my life, that was ever worth knowing. And if anything happens, well, I'll take care of them.


Xavier School - Lower Levels - Cerebro / Hallway.

[Dr. Jean Grey gets on her knees by the machine and puts the helmet on. Cyclops is leaving the examination room and sees her.]

Cyclops: Jean?

[He starts running.]

Cyclops: Jean! No!

[He runs faster, but the Cerebro doors close, he's too late. Dr. Jean Grey operates the machine, she's in pain. The doors finally open and Cyclops comes running in. She's weakened.]

Cyclops: Jean? Jean. Answer me. Please.

Dr. Jean Grey: I know where Magneto's going.


Liberty Island.

[Boat out. Man#1 is waving from the shore. Man#2 is waving back from the boat. Suddenly Sabretooth comes up behind Man#1 and kills him, and Man#2 turns into Mystique.]


Ellis Island.

[U.N. Summit - Gala is commencing.]


Liberty Island.

[Toad is jumping around landing on guards, and crushing them.]

[Onboard the boat Rogue is handcuffed, Mystique enters, then Magneto. He walks over to the window, sees the Statue of Liberty.]

Magneto: Magnificent, isn't she?

Rogue: I've seen it.

Magneto: I first saw her in 1949. America was gonna be the land of tolerance, of peace.

Rogue: Are you going to kill me?

Magneto: Yes.

Rogue: Why?

Magneto: Because there is no land of tolerance. There is no peace. Not here or anywhere else. Women and children, whole families destroyed. Simply because they were born different from those in power. Well, after tonight, the world's powerful will be just like us. They will return home as brothers. As mutants. Our cause will be theirs. Your sacrifice will mean our survival.

[Sabretooth enters.]

Sabretooth: [Growls].

Magneto: I'll understand if that comes as a small consolation.

[He turns to Sabretooth.]

Magneto: Put her in the machine. [He goes out on deck.] I'll raise it.


Xavier School - Lower Levels - Map Room.

[Cyclops, Dr. Jean Grey, Storm and Wolverine are studying a map.]

Cyclops: Magneto is here. Liberty Island. Now, presumably his objective is to mutate the world leaders at the U.N. summit on Ellis Island.

Storm: He doesn't know his machine kills. And judging from what the professor saw, if Magneto gave Rogue enough power...

Dr. Jean Grey: ...He could wipe out everyone in New York City.

Cyclops: All right, we can insert here at the George Washington Bridge, come around the bank, just off of Manhattan,. We land on the far side of Liberty Island, here.

Wolverine: What about harbor patrol? Radar?

Cyclops: If they have anything that can pick up our jet, they deserve to catch us.


In The X-Jet.

[Cyclops is readying the jet for lift off. Wolverine is trying to get the suit to be comfortable, but can't.]

Wolverine: You actually go outside in these things?

Cyclops: Well, what would you prefer? Yellow spandex?

[Cyclops starts the jet. [Engines revving.] [Engines Firing.] Jet shakes]

Wolverine: Whoa.

[They fly off. School children watch from theirs windows. Wolverine pierces through his glover with his claws.]

Cyclops: Okay, there's the bridge. I'm taking her down.

[They fly under the bridge, right over water surface.]

Cyclops: Storm, some cover, please.

[Storm uses her power to make fog.]


Magneto's Boat.

Magneto: Toad, Mystique. Stay sharp. We're not alone. [Sabretooth turns to leave.]

And you stay here. Once I give my power to the girl, I'll be temporarily weakened. You'll be my only defense.


Other Boat.

[Thunder rumbles, the X-Jet passes by in the background.]

Man#1: Sounds like a storm's coming.


In The X-Jet.

[Cyclops goes in for a landing, but he cuts the jet engine a few feet too high.]}

Cyclops: Sorry.

Wolverine: You call that a landing?


Liberty Island.

[Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm and Dr. Jean Grey look for clues.]

Cyclops: The torch.


Liberty Island - The Statue of Liberty.

Man on TV: ...within a mile of the proceedings. The first dignitaries started to arrive about an hour ago, greeted with a sort of garden-party atmosphere, which was designed to entertain them, as the others traversed the rigid security...

[Cyclops, Dr. Jean Grey and Storm walk through the metal detector, when Wolverine does so the alarm starts whaling, he shoots out his claws into the machine to stop it. Cyclops is annoyed, Wolverine uses his claws to give him "the finger". Cyclops smiles, amused. They continue. A statue of liberty model reveals yellow eyes..]

Wolverine: [Sniffs.] There's someone here. [Sniffs.]

Cyclops: Where?

Wolverine: I don't know. Keep your eye open.

Cyclops: Logan

[Wolverine goes behind a statue head.]

Cyclops: Damn it.

["Wolverine" comes back to them.]

Cyclops: Anything?

"Wolverine": I know there's someone here. I just can't see 'em.

[Cyclops turns toward the others. "Wolverine's" claws comes out silently, he want's to attack Cyclops. Wolverine jumps in and attacks "Wolverine". They t umble in to a room and continue the fight. Cyclops, Dr. Jean Grey and Storm runs after them and Cyclops is ready to shoot.]

Wolverine: Wait!

"Wolverine": Wait!

["Wolverine" cuts a wire and closes the door between them.]

Cyclops: All right, back up. Back up.

[Wolverine and "Wolverine" fight. "Wolverine" runs and Wolverine follows.]

[Cyclops is about to shoot when Toad comes jumping in, he pushes Cyclops, then Dr. Jean Grey and Storm. Toad closes the door to Cyclops and uses his tongue to toss Storm up to th e next floor, then he goes to attack Dr. Jean Grey. He jumps to attack her, but she stops him with her power, he's hanging in the air, but then he spits his toxic slime in her face. Toad falls, and then spots Storm on the next floor and jumps after her and kicks her into an elevator shaft, and closes the doors.]

[Cyclops uses his vizor to blast the door and hears Dr, Jean Grey grunting, she can't breathe.]

Cyclops: Jean!

[He runs to her, and tries to get the slime off her face.]

Cyclops: Oh, God.

[Wolverine and "Wolverine" continue fighting. Suddenly "Wolverine" turns into Mystique. They fight, but suddenly she climbs up a wall and disappears.]

[Cyclops is trying to help Dr. Jean Grey get the slime off her face.

Cyclops: Don't move.

[Cyclops uses his vizor to shoot the slime of her face. She coughs and tries to catch her breath. Toad spots them, but is distracted by the elevator bell ringing. The doors start shaking and then they open, Storm appears by the help of her powers and Toad is ready to attack.]

Toad: Don't you people ever die!

[Storm uses her wind power to push Toad back, finally he goes trough the window, but uses his tongue to hold on to a banister. Storm comes toward him, making the wind worse.]

Storm: Do you know what happens to a toad when it's struck by lightning?

[Thunder cracks.] Same thing that happens to everything else.

[Storm sends a bolt of lightning into Toad and he is sent flying off, landing in the sea.]

["Storm" comes down some stairs.]

"Storm": Logan, is that you?

Wolverine: Shh...

["Storm" stops and looks around, she's nervous, but then she starts to walk up behind him again.]

Wolverine: [Sniffing] The other one ain't far away.

"Storm": Come on. we have to regroup.

Wolverine: I know, but there's a problem.

[Wolverine turns and stabs her.]

Wolverine: You're not part of the group.

[Wolverine retracts his claws, "Storm" tunes into Mystique, she groans in pain, and falls to the ground.]

[Cyclops and Dr. Jean Grey look for the others, a door opens, and Cyclops gets ready to shoot. He doesn't know if Wolverine's an imposter.]

Wolverine: Hey, hey, it's me!

Cyclops: Prove it!

Wolverine: You're a dick.

Cyclops: Okay.

[Storm comes to the rails upstairs so they can see her.]

Storm: Hey.


The Statue of Liberty - Head.

[Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm and Dr. Jean Grey come up, and they see Magneto's machine trough a hole in the Statues head.]

Wolverine: Everybody get out of here.

Storm: What is it?

Wolverine: I can't move.

[Wolverine gets thrown up against the wall. And the metal railings start top get the others, Cyclops shots ant them, but can't hold them back. Magneto comes in through the hole in the roof.]

Magneto: Ah my brothers. Welcome.

[Turns to Wolverine]

Magneto: And, you, let's point those claws of yours in a safer direction

[Magneto uses his power to make Wolverine's hands point towards his chest. Sabretooth jumps in through the hole.]

Magneto: You'd better close your eyes.

[Sabretooth removes Cyclops's vizor. Cyclops keeps his eyes shut.]

Cyclops: Storm, fry him.

Magneto: Oh, yes. A bolt of lightning into a huge copper conductor. I thought you lived at a school.


Ellis Island.

[A man steps up to the podium, applause.]

Speaker: For those of you who may not be familiar with the historical significance...

[People translating.]


The Statue of Liberty - Head.

[Magneto is talking into transmitter.]

Magneto: Mystique? Mystique?

Dr. Jean Grey: I've seen Senator Kelly.

Magneto: So the senator survived his fall... and the swim to shore. He's become even more powerful than I could have imagined.

Dr. Jean Grey: He's dead.

Storm: It's true. I saw him die. Like those people down there will die.

Magneto: Are you sure you saw what you saw?


Ellis Island.

Speaker: ...I would also like to thank the president of the United States of America, for hosting this event under the lights of the great city of New York.

[Applause. Fireworks.]


The Statue of Liberty - Head.

Magneto: Why do none of you understand what I'm trying to do? Those people down there, they control our fate and the fate of every other mutant. Well, soon our fate will be theirs.

[They hear Rogue.]

Rogue: Help! Please help me!

Wolverine: You're so full of shit. If you were really that righteous, it'd be you in that thing.

[Magneto gives Wolverine a look.]

Rogue: Help! Somebody help me!

[Magneto uses his power and hovers out of the head, and up into the torch.]

Rogue: Please!

Sabretooth: [Growls]

Rogue: Somebody please help me! Somebody!

[Wolverine gets uneasy.]

Rogue: Help...

Wolverine: [Yells.]

[Wolverine shoots out his claws through his chest, freeing himself.]

Dr. Jean Grey: Logan!

[Wolverine falls to the ground, he doesn't move.]


The Statue of Liberty - Torch.

[Door open, and Magneto enters. Rogue is scared and crying. Magneto makes her get up.]


The Statue of Liberty - Head.

[Sabretooth goes over to Wolverine, who's still not moving.]

Sabretooth: [Growls.]

[Wolverine opens his eyes as Sabretooth grabs him and picks him up. Wolverine shoots out his claws and stabs him in the chest. Sabretooth throws Wolverine out on top of the head, and then jumps after him and they start fighting.]


The Statue of Liberty - Torch.

Magneto: I'm sorry, my dear.

Rogue: Don't do this.

[Magneto puts his hands on Rogue's face and she starts to absorb his power.]


The Statue of Liberty - Head.

[The fight continues, Wolverine spots his dog-tags around Sabretooth's neck and takes them.]

Wolverine: This is mine.

[Sabretooth gets Wolverine into a choke hold.]


The Statue of Liberty - Torch.

[The process continues.]


The Statue of Liberty - Head.

[Sabretooth throws Wolverine from the head, but he manages to hold on to one of the spires and gets back on his feet. He manages to stab Sabretooth in the chest.]


The Statue of Liberty - Torch.

[Rogue is absorbing Magneto's power, he's in pain.]

Rogue: [Screams]


The Statue of Liberty - Head.

[The scream distracts Wolverine, allowing Sabretooth to throw him go the head. But Wolverine uses his claw to hang on. His claw goes through the wall right between Cyclops and Dr. Jean Grey's faces.]


The Statue of Liberty - Torch.

[Magneto is weak. The machine elevates, beginning the starting phase.]


The Statue of Liberty - Head.

[Sabretooth jumps down into the head again and goes over to Storm.]

Sabretooth: [Growls.] You owe me a scream.

[Wolverine jumps in.]

Wolverine: Hey, bub. I'm not finished with you yet.

[Magneto's mutation machine starts up.]

Rogue: [Screams.]

Wolverine: Jean.

Dr. Jean Grey: Scott, when I tell you, open your eyes.

Cyclops: No.

Dr. Jean Grey: Trust me.

Wolverine: You drop something?

[Wolverine holds up Cyclops's vizor and Jean uses her power to get it to Cyclops's eyes. Sabretooth turns.]

Dr. Jean Grey: Now.

[Cyclops opens his eyes, shooting Sabretooth. Sabretooth goes through the wall. Magneto sees this, and is not happy. Sabretooth falls to the ground crushing a boat.]Wolverine frees the others]

Cyclops: Thanks.

Wolverine: Don't mention it.

[They all go over to the whole in the roof where they can see the machine.]

Wolverine: We gotta get her out of there. Cyclops, can you hit it? Cyclops: The rings are moving to fast.

Wolverine: Just shoot it.

Cyclops: I'll kill her. Storm, can you get me up there?

Storm: I can't control it like that. You could fly right over the torch.

Wolverine: Then let me go.

[Cyclops looks at him.]

Wolverine: If I don't make it, then at least you can still blast the damn thing.

Cyclops: All right, do it. Jean, use your power. Try to steady him.

Storm: Hang on to something.

[Storm uses her power and the winds come. Wolverine takes off and flies up to the machine, Dr. Jean Grey uses her power to steady him. Wolverine land s on top of the machine. The machine starts up for real, but Wolverine menages to jump down to Rogue and gets ready to cut her loose. Magneto uses his power to stop him. Cyclops sees this and gets ready to shoot.]

Dr. Jean Grey: Scott, wait.

[Magneto is holding Wolverine, but he is weak and Wolverine gets his arm moving towards the rings.]


Ellis Island.

[The people see the light coming out of the Statue of Liberty torch.]


The Statue of Liberty.

[Wolverine gets closer to the rings, Magneto tries to hold him back. Rogue is crying.]


Ellis Island.

[People start to get uneasy, and start to panic and run.]


The Statue of Liberty.

Cyclops: Jean, I have to.

Dr. Jean Grey: Just wait.

[Wolverine keep getting closer to the rings.]

Cyclops: I have a shot. I'm taking it.

[Cyclops shoots and hits Magneto, allowing Wolverine to destroys the rings of the machine and the lights disappear.]

[Shoots from surrounding area.]

[Wolverine cuts Rogue loose from the machine, she's not moving.]

Wolverine: Come on.

[She still doesn't move. Wolverine looks at her before removing his glove and putting his hand on her forehead. It doesn't work, Wolverine pulls her up and holds her in his arms, suddenly he feels his power being drained, old wounds open and he's bleeding. Rogue wakes up and pushes him away, ha falls down, but doesn't heal.]


Liberty Island.

[Police enter Liberty Island and find a man lying on the floor.]

Police#1: Hey, this one's alive. Let's get him out of here.

[Wounds reveal that it's Mystique.]


Xavier's School - Lover Levels - Examination Room.

[Professor Xavier awakes, Dr. Jean Grey is by his side.]

Dr. Jean Grey: Welcome back. I knew you'd find your way.

Xavier: I had you to guide me.

[She smiles.]

Xavier: How did we do?

[She looks over at Wolverine lying on another table, Xavier follows her look. Wolverine is covered with bandages.]


Xavier's School - Lover Levels - Examination Room - Later.

[Dr. Jean Grey is checking on Wolverine and see that the wounds in his face have healed. She removes the other bandages to see, the wounds have healed, she touches to make sure. Wolverine grabs her hand]

Wolverine: Oh! Oh, that tickles.

[Dr. Jean Grey smiles.]

Dr. Jean Grey: Hey.

[Wolverine opens his eyes, still a little weakened.]

Dr. Jean Grey: How're you feeling?

Wolverine: Fantastic.

Dr. Jean Grey: That was a brave thing you did.

Wolverine: Did it work?

Dr. Jean Grey: Yeah. She's fine. She took on a few of your more charming personality traits for a while.

Wolverine: [Chuckles, coughing.]

Dr. Jean Grey: But we lived through it. I think she's a little taken with you.

Wolverine: Well, you can tell her my heart belongs to someone else.

[He looks at her, her smile fades.]

Dr. Jean Grey: You know, you and I...

Wolverine: How's the professor?

Dr. Jean Grey: He's good.

Wolverine: Good.


Xavier's School - Map Room.

[Xavier and Wolverine are studying a map.]

Xavier: There's an old abandoned military compound at Alkalai Lake in the Canadian Rockies, close to where we found you. There's not much left, but you might find some answers.

Wolverine: Thank you.

Xavier: Are you going to say good-bye to them?

[Wolverine looks at Xavier.]


Xavier's School - Leisure room.

[Cyclops, Dr. Jean Grey, Xavier and Storm are watching TV.]

Man on TV: the Mutant registration Act lost its main proponent today, with the dramatic reversal of Senator Robert Kelly, who until this time had provided the loudest voice in the cry for mutant registration.

"Senator Kelly": I was wrong in this particular issue. And I hope in time I may be forgiven. Thank you.

Man on TV: The Mutant Registration Act continues to draw support...

[Storm pauses the tape, they can see that Senator Kelly's eyes are yellow.]

Storm: Mystique.

Cyclops: Son of a bitch.

[Storm starts up the tape again.]

Man on TV: ...from many Parents Rights groups, who feel threatened by unidentified mutants in their school systems. In a related story...

[Wolverine is heading for the door, but spots Rogue with her friends. He turns to leave.]

Man on TV: ...the body of Senator Kelly's long time aide, Henry Guyrich, was found today...

[Wolverine leaves, but Rogue spots him and follows him.]

Man on TV: ...Preliminary coroner reports seem to indicate that Guyrich was mauled by a bear.

Rogue: Hey.

[Wolverine turns to her.]

Rogue: You running again?

Wolverine: No, not really. I have some things to take care of up north.

[He looks at her. Indicates to the new white streak in her hair.]

Rogue: I kind of like it. I don't want you to go.

[He looks around, then removes the dog-tags from his neck and places them in her hand.]

Wolverine: I'll be back for this.

[He turns and walks out the door. Outside he spots Cyclops's motorcycle, and leaves the school riding it.]


Magneto's Plastic Prison.

[Man walks down a plastic tube.]

[Magneto and Xavier are playing chess.]

Magneto: Doesn't ever wake you in the middle of the night? The feeling that one day they will pass that foolish law, or some just like it and come for you, and your children?

Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: It does indeed.

Magneto: What do you do, when you wake up to that?

Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: I feel a great swell of pity for the poor soul who comes to that school... looking for trouble.

[The man enters to escort Xavier back out.]

Magneto: Why do you come here, Charles?

Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: Why do you ask questions to which you already know the answers?

Magneto: Oh, yes. Your continuing search for hope.

[Magneto gives the man a signal to follow Xavier out. But as Xavier passes Magneto grabs his hand.]

Magneto: you know this plastic prison of theirs won't hold me forever. The war is still coming, Charles, and I intend to fight it... by any means necessary.

Prof. Charles Francis Xavier: And I will always be there, old friend.

[Xavier gives the man signal to escort him out, and they leave.]